Thursday, October 14, 2010

EP Error on installation

When I tried to install EP on Farm Non-Admin server I got the following error. I tried it from the admin account of ax.
EP Installation Error
On Event Viewer:
The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.

Work around:
1.Check the .net Business connector configuration settings. This might be a naive approach and considering one must have already looked up seeing the log, I am suggesting to do the following work arounds.
1)      Stop firewall, all its services, delete all unused inbound  policies on firewall.
2)      Install AOS , debugger and .net connector upto RU3 on the work station. I don’t know why it required AOS but failed without it.May be its with the configuration.
3)      .Delete the workstation from domain and add it again – DNS issue.This is a WSS issue.
4)      .If database was restored & EP is installed on one server – clear the BC Proxy account from form.
5)      Recompile sysDevelopmentProxy class – ensure it compiles without error for .Net connector to work successfully.
6)      Check the site bindings from Share Point servers, also from this server.
Install EP & Role center with some luck.

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